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I have seen just an interesting Screenshot on Facebook which arranges me to think anew about this question.

»If the words are wrong, then what they say is not meant. If what is said is not true, then the works are not right. If the works do not thrive, customs and arts will be spoiled.
Therefore, make sure that the words are correct. That’s the most important thing of all.«
(Confucius (551-479 BC), Chinese philosopher, responsible for the social and social order of China)

I already wrote in the article »How is the basic income coming into the world?«:

terms election

So far I have used the abbreviation »BGE« for the unconditional basic income.
But since a few days, I start to re-grasp the topic and to feel the term »Universal Basic Income« (UBI) as more appropriate.
Observing the frequent envy of debate over the necessary rules for the introduction of a basic income, and above all because of the ever-fierce discussions about the word »unconditional«, the term »universal basic income« (UBI) seems to me more accurate.

And already in July 2017 I wrote in the article »02: What would you do…«:

Most people read and hear this phrase: »What would you do if your income were taken safe?« – I used this phrase until recently. During my mental preparations on this blog, however, I realized that he misses the heart of the matter. We, the proponents of an unconditional Basic Income (UBI), do not want to give people a certain amount of money as proceeds or even compensation or payment for anything, such for example Voluntary work or parenting or care of relatives and family care, because they not have been up to now financially rewarded and not thankful acknowledged socially, not even understood as work. No, that’s a big misunderstanding and a big mistake in the communication of UBI advocates. The purpose and purpose of the whole is to enable people to actually live free – no more and no less. And the unconditional Basic Income (UBI) should be the basis, the prerequisite.
What would you do if your livelihood were taken care of?

Now Peter Zellmann has written something very interesting in a PDF published by the IFT – Institute for Leisure and Tourism Research, which I like a lot more (shortened to the essentials):

»Does the headline change das understanding?
The UBI is a BLG

The initiators of the UBI project (unconditional basic income) mean, actually, an »unconditional basis of life« (UBL).

The term »income« is too closely tied to the understanding of [paid] work in the industry-age. Its use in connection with »unconditional« can and will therefore not work.

Nevertheless, the »Project UBI« is more than a realistic utopia, so we call it UBL.«

I think that’s very more accurate.

So far, the »unconditional basic income« has been completely misunderstood and, in accordance with its purpose, is in reality an »unconditional basis of life« – a UBL.

To be able to use the same abbreviation in English like in German, it is maybe better to use a term, how »universal basis of life« (UBL) or, even better like: »universal basis for a free life« (UBFL)

»universal« → »comprehensive«, referring to the group of people and to the value of required needs

»basis« → referring to the value of required needs (so no luxury, whatever mean by that – of course this has to be discussed)

What do you think about?
Please use the comments below to get involved – and if you like what I’m doing here, please speak with others of it – thank you very much.

Best regards
Detlef Jahn

Here is the german version.

I ask for apology, if the english text here is a little faulty. I have used the Google translator because my school-english is quite weak.

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